Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Dhritarashtra's Worries


This episode is from [Maha:3.47-3.79].

A few days after this, the sage Lomasa came to Indra's court. He saw that Arjuna was seated on the same throne as his father. He began to wonder as to how this throne, the obtaining of which required extraordinary ascetic merit was now occupied by a mortal. Indra divined from the sage's look of wonder the thoughts coursing through his mind.

He said, "Arjuna is not seated here merely because he is my son. He is the essence of Nara, that ascetic of highest merit. The intimate friend of Lord Krishna, this son of Kunti has indulged in the severest penances and gratified Mahadeva. He has slain those Asuras known as Nivatakavachas who were plaguing Brahmanas in the world. He has also conquered countless kings to assist his elder brother to perform the Rajasooya sacrifice. I know of no one else who is more qualified to share this seat with me."

The Rishi was satisfied by this explanation. Arjuna reverently addressed the sage and said, "Sir, my brothers are now in the Kamyaka forest, and must be in low spirits from my absence. They may fear that some ill luck may have befallen me. If you happen to go that way, could you please assure them that all is well with me? Also, they were wishing to embark on a pilgrimage to holy spots. I would be very grateful if you could be their guide, for you know the way to all holy shrines."

The sage agreed to help the Pandavas and took his leave.

[to be completed...]

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