Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Amrit - The Nectar of Gods


Amrit is the nectar of the Gods. Originally, the Devas were mortal. They came to know that they could become immortal by consuming Amrit. They knew that they can obtain Amrit by churning the ocean of milk in Vaikunta.

The churned this ocean with the help of their cousins, the Asuras, with the understanding that all will share equally of the spoils. However, with the help of Vishnu, they managed to cheat the Asuras out of their share of Amrit. However, an Asura named Rahu managed to partake Amrit by disguising himself as a Deva. Surya and Chandra saw this and told Vishnu, who beheaded the Asura with his discus. However, since he had drunk Amrit, both the head and torso of the Asura became immortal. They were given status of planets in Indian astrology.

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