Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Angaraparana - A Gandharva Friend of Arjuna


Angaraparana was a Gandharva, who was named so because of his flaming chariot. He encountered Arjuna when the Pandavas were traveling to Panchala from Ekachakrapura [Maha:1.172]. He fought with Arjuna and was defeated by a divine missile. Arjuna spared his life when Angaraparana's wife Kumbhinasi pleaded with him.

Humbled, the Gandharva then became Arjuna's friend and taught him the art of creating illusions in war. This science is called Chakshushi. He also gifted a thousand swift horses to Arjuna, receiving in exchange the missile that had vanquished him.

He narrated the story of Tapati and Samvarana (ancestors of the Pandavas) to them. He then advised the them to acquire a priest to guide them and suggested Dhaumya as a suitable Brahmana for that post. See here.

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