Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Arundhati - The Ideal Wife


Arundhati is the wife of the great sage Vasishta and the eighth of the nine daughters of sage Kardama (a wish-born son of Lord Brahma) and Devahuti. She was also called Akshamala. She and Vasishta had a hundred sons, the eldest of whom is Shakti.

She is the ideal wife, living in perfect harmony with her husband, and the embodiment of all the virtues that a married woman should possess. Indeed, as part of the south indian (Hindu) marriage ritual, the newly wed bride is shown the star pair Arundhati-Vasishta, in the constellation Ursa Major, as an example of how she ought to conduct herself hence. This constellation is commonly referred to as the Big Dipper or the Great Bear. In India, we call it the Sapta Rishi Constellation.

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