Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Asita - Ancestor of Rama


Asita is a king of the Solar dynasty, the son of Bharata, and an ancestor of Rama. He was defeated by rival Kings from the clans of Haihayas, Talajanghas and Shashabindhus in battle. He fled to the Himalayas with his two wives. While there, he fell ill and died. At the time of his death, both his wives were pregnant.

One of the wives, named Kalindi, gave poison to the other, with the intention of inducing abortion. (Note: the verses [Rama:1.70.32-33] from which this incident is taken, can be read either way: that Kalindi is the poisoner, or that she was the victim.) However, when both went to the hermitage of sage Chyavana, he blessed the poisoned wife, saying, "A highly illustrious son shall be born to you. He shall be born with the toxin in his body, but shall live a full life." He then gave her asylum. Sagara, was born to her, with poison in his body as foretold by the sage.

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