Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Bandy - Son of Varuna


Bandy was a son of Varuna by a mortal woman. He was the royal scholar at the court of King Janaka of Mithila and was famed for his learning. He had issued a challenge to all scholars that whoever defeats him in debate would win great riches, and that the loser would be drowned in the river. Tempted by the lure of riches, many learned men tried, but they were defeated by Bandy, who, true to the conditions of the contest, drowned them in the river.

One of these many unfortunates was Kahoda, who was the son-in-law and disciple of Uddalaka. When his son Ashtavakra came of age and knew of the fate that befell his father, he travelled to Mithila and challeged Bandy. Normally, a challenge from a twelve year old boy would not have been accepted, but Ashtavakra impressed all with his deep knowledge of the scriptures, and the contest began. After a hard fought debate, Bandy was defeated. Ashtavakra wanted to drown him in the river, just as his father had been drowned.

However, Bandy revealed that none of the scholars drowned by him were truly dead. All of them were officiating in a sacrifice being conducted by his father Varuna, which had just been concluded. True to his words, one by one, all the long lost scholars emerged from the river, considerably richer from the gifts given to them for taking part in the rituals. Kahoda was joyfully reunited with his son Ashtavakra, and Bandy left the court of Janaka and went live with his father Varuna.

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