Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Bhurisravas - A Great Warrior

Bhurisravas was the son of Somadatta and a great warrior. He was the enemy of the Yadavas, in particular of Satyaki, the disciple of Arjuna. He fought the great Kurukshetra war on the side of the Kauravas.

He had challenged Satyaki to battle, and taking advantage of his opponents fatigue, managed to defeat him and threw him to the ground. When he was about to murder his defenseless adversary, Arjuna cut of his hand with a well timed arrow. Naturally, Bhurisravas abused Arjuna for this act was against the code of conduct. However, Arjuna accused him in turn of complicity in the assasination of Abhimanyu and also for trying to murder a defenseless Satyaki.

When Bhurisravas had hung his head in shame, Satyaki slew him by beheading him. This was one of the most shamefull acts, in contravention of the rules of the war, by which Satyaki brought eternal shame on his clan.

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