Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Chyavana - Sage Who Helped the Ashwinis


Chyavana was a great sage, the son of sage Bhrigu (The story of his birth is told in here.) He was also known as Aurva. He performed a penance for many centuries. So long did that penance last, that an anthill had grown around him. Sukanya, the daughter of the local King, was playing in this forest. She was curious to see two lighted embers in an anthill and poked both of them with a stick. Those "lighted embers" turned out to be the sage's eyes. He became blind. When the King came to know of this crime, he had to make reparations. Sukanya had to marry the old sage, and keep him company.

Despite his being blind, and the great disparity in their ages, they were happy together. The Ashwini twins, who were smitten by Sukanya's beauty, offered to restore his youth. They tried to trick her by making him exactly resemble them. However, she picked out the husband correctly from the three identical men, aided by the expressions on their faces.

Although the motives of the Ashwinis had been ignoble, Chyavana helped them. They were not eligible for partaking Havis, the sacrificial oblations at this point. He taught them a long forgotten incantation from the Vedas, which they were able to trade to obtain the right to partake Havis. The story of Sukanya and Chyavana is told in greater detail here. They had a son named Pramati. The sage Ruru was the son of Pramati, borne to him by the celestial nymph Ghritachi.

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