Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Dadhichi - Sage Who Gave Vajra


Dadhichi was a sage, the son of sage Atharva. His wife was Lopamudra. (different from Lopamudra, the wife of Agastya). He had a sister named Gabhastini, who lived with them in the hermitage. So great were his Yogic powers, that the Asuras dared not approach his abode.

The Devas had given their weapons for safekeeping. However, with disuse, the weapons began to loose their lusture. Afraid that the weapons might become useless, the sage dissolved them by his Yogic powers in water, and drank the water. When the Asura Vritra challenged Indra to battle, the King of the Gods wanted his weapons back. Since their power was now resident in sage Dadhichi, the sage suggested that they kill him and craft a weapon from his bones. Although the Devas balked at this proposal at first, there was no other go.

Vishwakarma crafted the supreme weapon Vajra from the back bone of Dadhichi. With this weapon, and the help of Vishnu, Indra succeeded in slaying the demon Vritra.

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