Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Dhruva - The Pole Star


Dhruva was one of the greatest devotees of Lord Vishnu. He is the son of Uttanapada (who is the son of swayambhuva Manu) and his queen Suruchi. His father was fond of his other wife Suniti and his son by that marriage, Uttama.

Once, when the young Dhruva saw that Uttama was playing on the lap of their father, he too wanted to join him. However, Suniti, who was present there, chased him away with insulting words. Crying, the young boy went and complained to his mother Suruchi, who advised him to pray to Lord Vishnu.

The boy took this advice to heart and performed a great penance towards Lord Vishnu. For his piety he was rewarded with a place above all the constellations as the pole star, which is called Dhruva-Nakshatra. The story of Dhruva's penance is narrated here.

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