Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Dushyanta - Father of Bharata

Dushyanta was a King of the Chandra dynasty. He met his wife Shakuntala at the hermitage of sage Kanva and married her according to the rites of Gandharva Vivaha (marriage incognito). He then left for his kingdom, promising to return soon to take his wife with him.

Unfortunately, due to a curse of sage Durvasa, he forgot all about her and did not even recognize her when she visited his court. Shakuntala had to return to her father's hermitage, where her son Bharata was born.

Later, Dushyanta happened to see his signet ring that he had gifted Shakuntala, and Durvasa's curse was lifted. He went to the forest in search of his wife. There he met Bharata, but not knowing each other, they fought. Dushyanta was defeated in this battle and made prisoner. There was a happy reunion, when Bharata took his prisoner to his grand-father's hermitage, where Shakuntala was staying.

The complete story of Dushyanta and Shakuntala is told here.

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