Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Garuda - The Bird-Mount of Lord Vishnu


Garuda is the king of all birds. He is also the mount of Lord Vishnu. He was born to the sage Kashyapa and Vinata. Aruna, the charioteer of Surya is his brother. He is the mortal enemy of the serpents (Nagas), who are his half-brothers. He freed his mother from bondage by obtaining Amrit for the snakes. He however helped Indra trick the Nagas, and recover the Amrit, before they could drink it. He thus became the friend of Indra, and obtained overlorship of the birds. He obtained a boon from Vishnu that he would be above him (which was accomplished by putting his emblem on the flagstaff of Vishnu's charriot). In return, he agreed to become the mount of Lord Vishnu. This story is told in detail here.

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