Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Jayadratha - Brother-in-law of the Kauravas


He was married to Dushala, the sister of the Kauravas. When the Pandavas were in exile, he visited their abode when Draupadi was alone, and smitten by her beauty, abducted her. He was captured by Arjuna, who spared his life, so that his cousin should not become a widow.

This humiliation stung Jayadratha, who then did penance to Shiva, who granted him the boon that he would be able to defeat the Pandavas (excluding Arjuna) once. He used this boon in the battle of Kurukshetra, preventing four of the Pandavas, (Arjuna was busy fighting far away) from coming to Abhimanyu's aid. Thus he was one of the main reasons for Abhimanyu's death.

Arjuna revenged his son's death by killing Jayadratha. Jayadratha's father had obtained the boon that whoever is responsible for letting his son's head roll on the ground would die, so Arjuna did not let Jayadratha's head roll to the ground. He built a bridge of arrows, all the way to the hand of Jayadratha's father, who was meditating in the forest. When the ascetic got up, his son's head rolled on the ground, and according to the boon, Jayadratha's father died.

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