Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Kunti - Mother of Karna, Yudhishtra, Bheema and Arjuna


Kunti was the adopted daughter of Kuntibhoja. Once, when the tempermental sage Durvasa visited the palace of her father, she pleased him with her devotion and attention to his comfort. He granted her a boon and taught her a powerfull Mantra (Incantation), which when uttered could bring any of the Gods to her and father a child on her, who would inherit the qualities of his father.

She was very young at that time and used the mantra immediately, meditating upon Surya, the sun God. Great was her surprise when the sun appeared before her and sought to bless her with a child. She was frightened and pleaded with Surya saying that as she was unmarried, her whole family would be shamed if she gave birth to a child. However, the power of the Mantra could not be gainsaid, and thus it came to pass that she became pregnant. Now, the divine pregnancies do not follow the rules for mortal ones and a son of dazzling aspect was born to her immediately. The sun god disappeared, after granting her the boon of restored virginity. Kunti saw no way of bringing up the child without becoming a target of society's ridicule and therefore abandoned the child, who had been born with divine armor and earrings, placing him in a casket, setting him adrift in the river. This child later became know as Radheya and as Karna due to his generosity.

Later Kunti married Pandu the Kuru prince.

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