Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Manthara - Evil Hench-woman of Kaikeyi


Manthara was the house-maid of Kaikeyi, the queen of King Dasharatha. She had lived with the queen since her birth. The King had decided to make Rama, his eldest son (by his eldest wife Kausalya) as his heir-apparent, and Kaikeyi was glad at this news like everyone in the kingdom. However, Manthara gave her evil advice, pointing out to her that she and her son Bharata would be second-class citizens henceforth. Acting on this advice, relying upon a boon that her husband had promised her, Kaikeyi got her son Bharata crowned as the heir instead, and got Rama exiled to the forest for fourteen years. Unable, to bear the thought of separation from his son, Dasharatha died of grief.

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