Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Nahusha - An Ancestor of the Pandavas

Nahusha was an ancestor of the Pandavas. He is the grandson of Puroorava. His father was Ayus, who was the eldest son of Puroorava. His son is Yayati, who appears in this story. After Nahusha's death, due to his good deeds, he was rewarded with heaven. He had also obtained a boon that half the power of anybody within his eyesight would be transferred to him and this made him nearly invincible. When Indra had to go into exile due to a curse, the Devas chose him to be their King. Unfortunately he became arrogant and wanted Sachi, the consort of Indra to be his queen.

As a way out of this predicament, Sachi told him that he had to come in a carriage drawn by the SaptaRishis to court her. Drunk with lust, Nahusha ordered the great sages to pull his carriage. While they were doing so, he grew impatient and said "Sarpa, Sarpa", (which means both "faster" and "snake" in Sanskrit) and kicked Agastya. Agastya who was hidden from Nahusha's sight due to his small height, grew angry and cursed him to become a snake. He became repentant and begged for mercy. It was foretold that his descendents, the Pandavas will free him from this curse. That came to pass when he succeeded in capturing Bheema. Yudhishtra answered all his questions correctly and released him from his curse.

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