Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Namuchi - Asura Slain Treacherously by Indra


Namuchi was a very powerful Asura, the brother of Maya. However, unable to bear the onslaught of Indra, he took refuge in a ray of the Sun. Thereupon, Indra said to him, "O Namuchi, let us be friends from now. I shall not slay thee, O friend, with anything that is wet or dry. I shall not slay you in the night or in the day! I swear to this sacred covenant."

Assured by this oath, Namuchi emerged from his hiding place. Indra seized this opportunity and cut off Namuchi's head, using the foam of water as his weapon. The time was evening. The severed head of Namuchi pursued Indra and cursed him, "O slayer of a friend, O wretch! May this sin damn you for all eternity."

Indra took counsel of Lord Brahma and had to perform a great Yagna at the confluence of the rivers Saraswati and Aruna. He gave away a great many gifts and then bathed in the rivers and was purged of the sin of slaying a friend.

This story is from [Maha:9.43].

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