Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Parasara - Father of Vyasa

Parasara was the son of Shakti, who was the eldest son of Vasishta. He performed a great sacrifice to destroy the Rakshasas, for a Rakshasa had killed his father. [That story is told here.]

Once, while crossing a river, he was suddenly filled with desire for the ferry-woman. He expressed his desire for her, but she was reluctant. He convinced her that no blame would attach to her and that she would regain her virginity after the act. At last she consented, on the condition that the odor of fish that clung to her (for she had been born inside a fish), be changed to fragnance. [This story is told here.] This girl was none other than Satyavati, who was later married to King Shantanu.

They were united in an islet in the middle of the river. This act was hidden from the prying eyes of the world, with the aid of a mist, created by the yogic powers of Parasara. A son was born immediately to her. Since this was a divine birth, the child grew to adulthood in minutes and after promising his mother that he would return whenver she had a need for him, left to study the scriptures with his father. This child was Vyasa, who later composed the Mahabharata.

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