Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Puroorava - First King of Chandra Dynasty


Puroorava is the first king of the Chandra (moon) dynasty. He was born to the planet Budha and the maiden Ila (who was really a king named Sudyumna, who had been turned into a woman for a year by an enchantment). He inherited the throne of Sudyumna, and began the Chandra dynasty. (He is son of Budha, who is son of Chandra). Also see this article. His eldest son was Ayus, who is the father of Nahusha who was Indra for a while, before being cursed by Agastya to become a serpent.

Puroorava once saw the divine nymph Urvashi and was consumed with lust for her. His wish was granted, but it came with a catch, she could not remain with him forever, but had to return to her place in Indra's court. They spent some time together, happy in their love for each other, but it was soon time for her to be gone. Besides, the King had grown old, but the Apsara would be forever young. She had tired of her mortal lover, and was eager to get back to heaven. Needless to say, Puroorava was heart broken. In the RigVeda, there is an isolated verse [R.V.10.95], where Puroorava pleads with Urvashi to stay with him when she is on the point of forsaking him. The relationship between Puroorava and Urvashi is also the subject of a Kalidasa's play Vikramorvasi (which was composed much later, during the classical period). This is the relationship that Arjuna cites as his reason for rejecting the advances of Urvashi, as she was the wife of his ancestor Puroorava.

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