Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Rukmini - Wife of Krishna


Rukmini was the daughter of King Bhishmaka, the ruler of the Bhoja Kingdom. She had fallen in love with Krishna after having heard his heroic exploits, but her brother, prince Rukmi, was desirous of marrying her to his friend, King Shishupala of Chedi.

Her father being old and weak, the marriage between Shishupala and herself was arranged despite her protests. In desperation she sent a message to Krishna, who obliged her by abducting her while she had gone to a temple outside her city for worship.

Both Shishupala and Rukmi gave chase, and Rukmi fought a fierce battle with Krishna. He was soundly defeated. However, yielding to the entreaties of his bride, Krishna spared his life. Unable to bear the humiliation, the prince did not return to his capital, but established a new city named Kundina and began ruling from there.

She is the mother of Pradyumna.

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