Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Sagara - Ancestor of Rama


Sagara was an emperor of the Solar dynasty, the son of Asita, and an ancestor of Rama. After being defeated in battle, his father fled to the Himalayas with his two wives. He died there, both his wives being pregnant at that time. One of his wives, Kalindi by name, gave poison to the other with the intention of inducing abortion. However, by the grace of the sage Chyavana, her child Sagara was born alive, but with toxin in his blood.

Later, when he grew up, the sage told him of how his father had to flee from his enemies, three Kings from the clans of Haihayas, Talajanghas, and Sashabindhus. Sagara, who by then had become an accomplished warrior, amassed an army and succeeded in defeating his father's enemies and regained his kingdom. He had a son named Asamanja.

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