Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Salya - Brother of Madri


Salya was the brother of Madri, the mother of the Pandavas Nakula and Sahadeva. He was the king of the Madra kingdom.

He was very fond of his nephews, the Pandavas. When the call to arms for the great battle was sounded, he travelled with his retinue to join them, but was tricked into joining the army of the Kauravas instead. He was one of the greatest warriors of his age, and acquited himself nobly. Skilled in horse-lore, he was also charioteer to Karna for a while in the battle, till Karna's death. Indeed, he was one of the main reasons for Karna's death, as he did not like the great archer and discouraged him constantly by singing praises of his rival Arjuna. When Karna's chariot got stuck in the mud, he refused to do anything about it, saying that it was his job only to drive the chariot and not dirty his hand in the mud. So Karna was forced to try and lift the chariot out of the mud himself and was killed during this defenceless state by an Astra (missle) fired by Arjuna.

After Karna's death, Salya was made the commander-in-chief of the Kaurava army, on the eighteenth and final day of the great war. He wreaked great havoc on that day, equalling the feats of his illustrious predecessors. Finally, he was slain by Yudhishtra. His death completed the utter defeat of the Kaurava army that had numbered 11 Akshaunis when the war had begun.


Shalya -
Madraka Ruler of the Madra Kingdom
Artayani Descendant of those who had truth for their refuge

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