Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Shantanu - Father of Bhishma

Shantanu was a king named Mahabhishak in his previous birth. Mahabhishak had ascended to the heavens after his death, but was cursed to be reborn as a mortal for his licentious behaviour in the court of Indra. According to this curse, he was born as Shantanu, the son of King Prathiba of the Kuru dynasty. He married the river goddess Ganga and had eight sons by her. Only the youngest of them, named Devaratha (who was later known as Bhishma) survivied.

After his wife Ganga left him, he took a second wife, the adopted daughter of the chief of fishermen, known as Satyavati. His son helped him fulfill a condition of Satyavati's father and was consequently blessed with "death-only-when-he-wishes-it".

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