Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Sharmishta - Mother of Puru


Sharmishta was the daughter of King Vrishaparva of the Asuras. Once, she insulted the Devayani, the daughter of the Asura Guru Shukra. To make amends for this act, she had to become the servant-maid of Devayani. When Devayani married Yayati of the Chandra dynasty, Sharmishta accompanined her as a servant.

Yayati desired her, despite being explicitly warned by Shukra and took her as a concubine. She had three sons named Anu, Dhruhyu and Puru by Yayati. When Devayani came to know of Yayati's betrayal, grief-stricken, she returned to the home of her father. Angered that Yayati had broken faith with him, Shukra cursed Yayati with premature old age. Yayati then got his son Puru's youth in return for his old age, his elder sons having refused to do so. Later, disillusioned with the transitory pleasures of youth, Yayati returned the youth back to his son Puru. Puru became the King of the Chandra dynasty after Yayati. These details can be read here.

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