Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Shibi - An Ancestor of Rama


Shibi was an ancestor of Rama, born in the Ikshvaku dynasty. He is best known for his devotion to truth and justice. To test his devotion to truth, Indra and Agni took the forms of a hawk and a pigeon respectively and went to his kingdom. The pigeon (Agni) sought refuge with the King, with the hawk in hot pursuit. The King promised the pigeon asylum, and when the hawk demanded that the pigeon be given to him as his natural food, the Shibi tried to satisfy it with the meat of other animals.

However, the hawk was adamant and would take nothing but the pigeon. At last the King convinced it to take his (the King's) meat instead. The hawk consented, with the proviso that the King must provide his own flesh equal in weight to that of the pigeon. A balance was brought and the King started chopping his own flesh and placing it on the balance, with the pigeon on the other scale. No matter how much of his flesh the King placed on his scale, the pigeon appeared heavier. At last, the King placed his whole body on the scale, and the weights were equal.

Indra and Agni revealed themselves and praised the King's devotion to his principles. They healed the King's wounds and took their leave after blessing him.

You can read the full story in "Shibi's Resolve".

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