Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Shishupala - The King of Chedi


Shishupala was the King of Chedi Kingdom. He was born with three eyes and four hands. As soon as he was born, he screamed and brayed like an ass. His parents and relatives were struck with fear on account of these ill omens. An incorporeal voice from the heavens said, "This boy will be a great warrior. If you place this child in the lap of his slayer, its excess arms and eye will fall off!".

All the Kings of the world came to see this wondrous baby. Shishupala's father duly placed the baby on the lap of every king who came there. The excess arms and eye stayed intact, despite having been placed on the lap of nearly every King in the country.

Krishna was the nephew of Shishupala's mother. He came to visit his aunt and to see his young cousin. When he took the baby on his lap, the excess arms and eye fell off. The queen (his aunt) then begged him to spare her child. Krishna said, "I shall patiently bear a hundred transgressions, each an offence meriting death, from this cousine of mine."

Knowing that Krishna was prophesized to be his slayer, Shishupala became the enemy of the Yadavas, Krishna's kinsmen. He had another reason to hate Krishna, for he had been wanting to marry Rukmini, who chose Krishna as her husband instead. Shishupala allied himself with Kamsa and Jarasandha, who were Krishna's enemies.

When Yudhishtra performed the RajaSooya sacrifice, he gave the first worship to Krishna, acting upon the advice of Bhishma. This angered Shishupala, who abused Krishna as a coward, a slave, a charlatan unworthy of worship. He continued his invective against Janardhana till his quota of hundred offences was over. Freed from the promise made to his aunt, Krishna then beheaded him with his Sudharshana-Chakra (discus).

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