Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Sudeshna - Wife of Virata


Sudeshna was the queen of the King Virata of the Matsya Kingdom. She had two sons Shweta Uttara, and a daughter Uttara, who later married Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna.

Her brother Keechaka was commander of the army there, and wielded enormous influence there. Keechaka and Sudeshna were the children of the King of Kekeya.

When the Pandavas took service at the Matsya Kingdom under assumed names (as they had to spend the thirteenth year of their exile incognito), Draupadi became the hairdresser of Queen Sudeshna, under the name of Sairandhiri. When Keechaka saw Draupadi at his sister's palace, he became inflamed with desire for her. He asked his sister to arrange for her to be sent to his palace on some pretext, where he will be able to seduce her.

Sudeshna tried her best to counsel her brother from pursuing this disgraceful course of action, but gave in to his suggestion in the end. She sent Draupadi to her brother's palace to fetch wine. Draupadi protested, but was given no choice in the matter. When she reached the abode of Keechaka, he tried to seduce her with honeyed words, and when she would not hear him, tried to take her by force.

Draupadi escaped, and later had her revenge when she and Bheema hatched a plan to lure Keechaka to his doom. Keechaka was slain in a wrestling duel by Bheema when he went to meet Draupadi secretly, who had arranged for the rendezvous for the purpose of slaying him without exposing their cover.

Keechaka's death caused a great uproar in the Matsya Kingdom, and it was only by convincing Sudeshna that her supposed five Gandharva husbands would destroy the kingdom that Draupadi managed being killed by the wrathful kinsmen of Keechaka.

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