Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Sugreeva - The King of Monkeys


Sugreeva was the younger brother of Vali, the king of monkeys. Once, when his brother was fighting a demon, Sugreeva was standing guard over the battle cave. He mistakenly assumed that his brother was dead and blocked the entrance of the cave with a huge rock, went back to the kingdom and assumed the kingship of monkeys.

When Vali returned, he was very angry, thinking that his brother had betrayed him for the crown and exiled Sugreeva from the kingdom, upon pain of death. Sugreeva took up his residence in the Chitrakoot mountain, where Vali could not enter due to a curse. He was accompanied by a few of his trusted confidants, including Hanuman, who was the strongest of all monkeys.

His help was sought by Rama, who was trying to trace his abducted wife. In return, Rama helped Sugreeva kill his brother Vali and regain his kingdom. After this, Hanuman found where Ravana had imprisoned Sita, and Rama invaded Lanka, the kingdom of Ravana with Sugreeva's monkey army. Ravana was killed in the battle and Rama was reunited with his wife.

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