Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Uttara - The Wife of Abhimanyu


Uttara was the daughter of King of Virata of Matsya. It was in this kingdom that the Pandavas spent the thirteenth year of their exile, which they were required to spend incognito. Arjuna who had been cursed to be an eunuch for a year by Urvashi, was the dance teacher for the ladies in the Virata palace, where he taught Uttara also.

When the exile was over, the King Virata wanted to marry his daughter to Arjuna, who declined this proposal, as she was was like a daughter to him. Instead he offered to marry her to his son Abhimanyu. This offer was accepted and Uttara and Abhimanyu were married.

She was pregnant with Parikshit at the time of her husband's death at Kurukshetra. Her son was born dead due to the effect of the Brahmastra launched by Ashwatthama, but Lord Krishna tested the stillborn child for signs of life by pressing him with his foot (Parikshit = one who has been tested). By the grace of Krishna, the baby was brought back to life.

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