Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Vajranaga - Son of Diti


Vajranaga was an Asura, the son of Diti and Kashyapa. Concerned that her sons the Asuras were being slain by Indra, Diti sought a boon from her husband that her son should be the slayer of Indra. Her boon was granted, but she was unable to complete the religious vow associated with it, and her fetus was aborted by Indra. That resulted in the birth of the Maruts.

Undeterred, Diti once again prayed to her husband and obtained a son who could slay Indra. She performed a penance for ten thousand years. The son born was Vajranaga, who was so named because his body was as strong as Vajra, the weapon of Indra.

When he grew up Vajranaga attacked the heavens. None could withstand his assault. He succeeded in defeating and capturing Indra. He dragged Indra by his hair and presented him before Diti. He wanted to kill Indra before his mother. However, Lord Brahma and Kashyapa appeared there and dissuaded him. The said, "It is said that a man dies when he has been humiliated. You have humiliated Indra. He is as good as dead. Do not kill him."

In deference to his father and grand-father, Vajranaga spared Indra's life. In return, they granted him the boon that he will be known as a great ascetic from that day onwards. In due course of time, Vajranaga married a woman named Varangi. After living happily together for sometime, Vajranaga resolved to go to the forest and perform a penance for a thousand years. His wife started performing a penance at their house.

With Vajranaga gone, Indra saw this as an opportunity to avenge his humiliation. He took the form of a monkey and uprooted all the trees in Varangi's garden. He then took the form of a sheep and ate up all the grass. He took the form of a snake and tried to bite her to death. He then directed his storm clouds to cause torrents of rain to fall on her hermitage. Since Varangi was deep in meditation, she was powerless to retaliate. She patiently bore with these troubles.

When Vajranaga returned from the forest, he was appalled to see that his wife had to suffer so much in his absence. He prayed to Lord Brahma. The Lord granted him a boon and said, "You shall have a son named Taraka. He shall conquer Indra and shall torment the Devas unmercifully. The Devas shall have to bear this scrouge for a long time."

The child was conceived and Varangi bore the fetus in her womb for a thousand years. At last the demon Taraka was born. He obtained many boons from Brahma and avenged the tortures suffered by his mother.

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