Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Valakhilyas - Celestial Rishis


Valakhilyas are a group of divine sages, who are small of body, but great in their ascetic powers. Indeed, according to the Mahabharata, they are only as large as a thumb. Unlike the SaptaRishis, their names are not individually spelt out. When Kashyapa performed a sacrifice, all deities and sages were asked to contribute. Indra brought a whole mountain of trees for firewood, but the Valakhilyas were able to bring only a single twig amongst themselves. Indra made fun of them, and they cursed that his slayer would be born as the son of Kashyapa. However, when Indra apologized and Brahma intervened on his behalf, they modified the curse that the son shall be initially an enemy of Indra, but later will become his friend. This son born was Garuda. The incidents related to Garuda's birth are narrated here.

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