Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Vikukshi - Ancestor of Rama


Vikukshi is a King of the Solar dynasty. He is the son of Kukshi and the father of Bana. Rama is his descendant

According to B.P., Vikukshi was sent to fetch meat for the sacrifice to be performed by his father. While hunting game, the prince was overcome by hunger and ate some of the meat destined for the sacrifice. This was an act of sacrilege, and Vasishta, the percept of or the Solar dynasty, advised his father to banish him from the Kingdom. Since he had eaten the meat of a rabbit (shashanka), Vikukshi was known as Shashada from this day. In this story, his father is said to be Ikshvaku. And Kakutstha is said to be Vikukshi's son.

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