Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Vyasa - Composer of the Mahabharata


Vyasa is the son of Satyavati and the sage Parasara. Satyavati was the adopted daughter of a fisherman, and plied a boat across the river Yamuna. One day she was taking the sage Parasara across. The sage was smitten with sudden desire for this woman, and she consented. The sage created a mist around an island in the middle of the river and there they consummated their passion. Such was the power of the rishi, that a son was born immediately to Satyavati. Even more remarkably, the son (Vyasa) immediately grew into a man, immensly learned in the scriptures! The sage then granted a boon to Satyavati, first that of converting her fishy odor to a divine fraganace and then by restoring her chastity.

Vyasa is also the biological father of Pandu, Dhritharashtra and Vidura. He is most famous as the composer of Mahabharata, which he dictated to Ganapati.

One of the confusing things about Vyasa is that he appears in many stories, and his chronology is uncertain. By some accounts, he actually appears in incidents that must have certainly occured before his birth!

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