Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Yayati - Ancestor of the Pandavas


Yayati was a Kuru prince, of the Chandra dynasty. He once happened to rescue Devayani from a well in the forest. Later, with her father's consent he married her. He broke a promise to his father-in-law, that of remaining faithful to his wife, by marrying Sharmishta, the daughter of the King Vrishaparva of the Asuras. For this he was cursed with premature old age, which could be alliveated if one of his sons would agree to bear it instead. Only Puru, his youngest son (by Sharmishta) would agree.

Later, when Yayati realized that on matter how one might indulge in sensual pleasures, they cannot be sated, he gave back the youth of Puru and crowned him as the king. He then spent the rest of his days in the forest.

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