Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Madayanti - Wife of Pravridda


Madayanti was the queen of King Pravridda, of the solar dynasty. When her husband was cursed by his perceptor Vasishta, he wanted to utter a curse back at the sage. She prevented him. However, the water that had been charged by his incantations fell on his feet and disfigured them, so he was known as Kalmashapada from then on.

Later, her husband became possessed by a Rakshasa (by the power of sage Vishwamitra) and caused the death of a Brahmana, who was enjoying the company of his wife. His wife cursed the King (in his form as the Rakshasa), that he would not be able to father children on his wife. As a result of this curse, the King begat issue with the help of Vasishta, who fathered his son Shankana on Madayanti. Read more about that story here.

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