Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Mahishasura - Buffalo Demon


Mahishasura was a mighty Asura, born to the King of Asuras named Rambha (different from the divine nymph Rambha). When Rambha was walking in the street, he saw a beautiful female buffalo. He was immediately smitten with desire and sated his lust on the poor animal. The demon Mahishasura was born of this union. In Sanskrit Mahisha=Buffalo.

He became the king of the Asuras after his father. As was the custom of the Asuras, he prosecuted a terrible war with the Devas. To help his kinsmen gain the upper hand, Mahishasura performed a tough penance directed at Lord Brahma. Pleased, the Lord granted a boon to him that death shall not approach him, save by means of a woman.

Strengthened by this boon, Mahishasura succeeded in conquering both the earth and heaven. The Devas, including their King Indra were forced to flee from their homes. Mahishasura appointed his generals in the place of Vayu, Agni, Varuna and other Devas, and let loose his reign of oppression.

The Devas prayed to Devi, the great Goddess to save them from the tyranny of this demon. Granting their wish, the Goddess incarnated herself as Durga. She also created an army of women to accompany her. All the Gods and Devas gave equipped her with their special weapons.

When Durga approached the capital of Mahishasura, he sent his emissaries to discover her intentions. When her beauty was described to her, he was filled with desire for this woman and sent her a message by his minister that he wished to marry her.

The Goddess laughed at his presumption and began attacking his army. One by one all his generals were killed. At last, the mighty Asura came to the battle-field in person. A terrible battle ensued. At last, the demon was slain by Devi, who beheaded him with the discus given to her by Lord Vishnu.

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