Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Pravriddha - King Who Became Rakshasa


Pravriddha was a king of the Solar dynasty, the son of Kakutstha, and an ancestor of Rama. Once, he angered his perceptor Vasishta, who cursed him. Pravriddha wanted to curse him back, and took water from his vessel for that purpose. However, his queen Madayanti restrained him. The magical water fell on his feet, that became blemished as a result. From that day, he was known as Kalmashapada ('one of blemished feet').

Later, he got into an argument with Shakti regarding right-of-way in a forest lane. Vishwamitra, who was the rival of Vasishta, seized this opportunity and caused the spirit of a flesh-eating demon to enter the body of the King. Thus possessed, the King devoured Shakti alive. He also killed the other ninety-nine sons of Vasishta in a similar fashion.

Later, he was freed from the curse, but could not father a child due to the curse uttered by a Brahmana woman. So, Vasishta went unto his queen Madayanti and begat Shankana. Read the complete story here.

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